• ATStorm®v2 The World's Most Advanced Lightning Warning System
  • Why ATStorm

    Lightning Warning Solutions

    Preventive Protection

    storm detection

    There are 50 cloud-to-ground discharges per second globally. One of the most potentially catastrophic consequences of these discharges is the loss of human life. Additionally, these discharges affect over 30% of US businesses causing over $5 billion in damages due to loss in production time and economic damages from the lightning or its consequences such as fire.

    Early Detection

    reduce risks

    A proper Preventive Protection, Lightning Warning System, can avoid these catastrophic incidents. Having site-specific information about the risk of thunderstorms allows the user to take preventive measures in advance to protect today’s modern operations.

    Total Site and Facility Protection

    total site & facility protection

    Lyncole continue's as the Nation’s leader in Grounding, Lightning Protection, and Surge Suppression systems. We are proud to partner with Applications Technologies to announce our latest product, ATStorm®. This revolutionary Lightning Warning system is the final system that completes our Total Site & Facility Protection Systems.


    Real-time information about approaching thunderstorms allows for preventative measures to be taken to protect today's modern operations against catastrophic loss.


    Strike a balance between productivity and safety by alleviating the challenge of determining when to halt or even postpone everyday operations. 


    where to apply atstorm

    Open Areas

    provides real-time information

    Workplaces, sports or open air activities, competitions, multitudinous events, farming, ranching and / or fishing activities.

    Telecom & Data Centers


    sensitive goods protection

    Computers, electric or electronic controls, emergency alarm or security systems.


    prevention of workplace risk

    Harbors, airports, trains, roads, highways, and cable railway.

    Industrial Processes

    take preventative measures

    Prevention of loss in industrial process and operations.

    Continuity of Service

    a balance between productivity & safety

    Operations where basic service continuity has to be assured: telecommunications, power supply, energy transport and distribution, health and emergency services.

    Hazardous Products

    power of information

    Prevention of serious accidents involving hazardous products and processes (flammable, radioactive, toxic, and explosives).


    The key elements of any storm detector are the SENSOR and the INTERFACE

    • The measuring system is based on the FCES technology (field-controlled electrometric sensor), developed by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. to enhance the storm detection. This technology is totally electronic and has no mobile or mechanical parts. It allows detecting even storms which are formed over the area where the detector is placed.
    • The state of the art, touch screen interface allows for intuitive system set up and programming. All configuration options are available from the touchscreen.  No clumsy switches or dials


    PHASE 1:  Before the first lightning discharge, charge separation can be detected at ground level using electric field measuring devices like ATStorm®v2 .


    PHASE 2: The first lightning strike follows the initial charge separation about 5 minutes later. In most cases the first discharges are the intra-cloud type.


    PHASE 3:  Intra-cloud discharges are often followed by the cloud-to-ground discharges with a delay that is in the range of a few minutes to an hour. This is associated to a more mature phase of the storm. 


    PHASE 4:  Reduction of the electrostatic field until it gets to repose. At this stage there is a low probability of lightning strikes.





    PHASE 1

    PHASE 2

    PHASE 3

    PHASE 4

  • Cost Effective

    reduces liability · provides peace of mind

    Site-Specific Solutions

    state-of-the-art & patented solutions

    The ATStorm is a state of the art, patented, cost-effective, site-specific solution that is the most technologically advanced Lightning Warning system available today. Lightning Warning is a key part of Total Site and Facility Protection for sensitive electronics, prevention of losses in industrial processes, assuring basic service continuity, and prevention of serious accidents.

    Reduces Liability

    saving time & money

    Deciding when to shut off operations and when to turn them back on can be a daunting task. Having the technology to provide the exact timing for when it’s safe to go back to work for both employees and equipment is finally here, reducing liability, while saving time and money. Our ATStorm Lightning Warning System alleviates these challenges and virtually pays for itself after one use. Industry leaders across the nation have been provided with peace of mind by protecting their employees, customers, infrastructures, and equipment.


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